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Eric Sears
March 12, 2004
Period 1, English 4
Mrs. Papera

A New View of Things

     So many times people fly through life, following the steps that society has made for us. We get up in the morning, shower, go to work, come home, watch TV, and start over the next day to do the exact same thing. Eventually we become so entangled with the repetitiveness of this lifestyle that we forget life is supposed to be an ongoing adventure.
     I discovered this half way through my junior year, when I was no longer enjoying my life. I started to hate waking up in the morning just to do what I did yesterday and the day before. I could find no reason to leave the warmth and sanctity of my bed in the morning, to enter a cold realm of half consciousness in which I performed my daily tasks. Inevitably time went on, and before I knew it, summer was here. With the freedom of summer, I decided to change the way I lived and learn to take advantage of the opportunities that I had.
     Without the responsibilities that held me down during school, I could relax and live life as intended. I would go to work, make money to pay for my necessities, and enjoy the rest of my free time. When I devoted my time to the things in life that I enjoyed, I discovered that life is what you make it, and each day holds a new path to travel. I noticed that I could find entertainment anywhere I looked, and I looked at the beauty of this world. How the morning sun paints a brilliant gold across the large dew covered elm trees on my way to school every morning, or the wind whipped clouds that tumble across the sky as the day progresses. Noticing these things and searching for them put my mind at ease and allowed me to continue my once daunting duties with very little distress over them.
     When school resumed, I put my new findings to work. I learned how to find interest anyplace I looked. The classes that once seemed endless to me were now flying by in no time. Life is a grand and wonderful adventure, if you let it be. Life was meant to be lived, not to be worked away, as time goes right out the window. Don't be so caught up in the things that you can not control, and embrace the simple pleasures. Take a walk, sit outside on a clear night, watch a sunset, anything to take you away from the hustle of our incessantly busy lives.

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